How Does This Budgeting Thing Work?

As you know, if you’ve been reading our blog, N and I are newlyweds. As newlyweds, we have had to learn how we want to manage our money together. Do we want to keep separate bank accounts? Is one person going to be in charge of handling bills? What do we want to spend money on? There are so many questions!

We come from different families who taught us about money in different ways. N’s family was good at teaching their kids how to be thrifty and budget. He did not grow up poor by any means, but he learned the value of a dollar. When the kids went to college, they got a set amount of money. When that money was gone, they had to find a way to earn what they needed.

My mom talked about money and budgeting with me growing up. She taught me the importance of growing your credit and paying bills on time. I got my first credit card in high school. It was attached to my student bank account, and it helped me begin to develop credit. When I went to college, I got as much financial aid as I could, and I got a scholarship. What I didn’t have covered, my mom paid. I would say that I was pretty lucky and a bit sheltered when it comes to money. Needless to say, it was tough when she cut the apron strings.

N and I were given an amazing budget template from a friend at church a couple of months ago, and we have started using it. This budget is so detailed, and I love it!

We are still new to this budget, and we have a lot to learn. What have you found to be most helpful? How did you survive the early years of marriage where money was scarce? We are working hard, and we know we will manage. I look forward to a time when we can look back on these years with fondness.

If you want a copy of this budgeting templates, you can download it for free in my downloads section.

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