Sleep Training

How I got my baby to sleep through the night at 2 months old.

Sleep Training

Momma, I’m Tired!

Okay mommas, raise your hand if you are tired. 🙋 If you didn’t raise your hand, please tell me your secret. Just about every mom that I have ever talked to has told me that they are tired or they stay up late into the night.

Before I had my baby, I knew that motherhood came with exhaustion, but I was not prepared for the type of exhausted I was. Oh man! Motherhood is a whole other kind of tired. I wish I could be as tired as I thought I was before having a baby.

That being said, I knew that the sooner I could help my baby sleep through the night (or at least longer than 2-3 hours at a time), the better. So, I was determined to begin to sleep train my child as soon as possible.

Bad Advice

Before I began my adventure of sleep training, I ask for some advice in a Moms group that I am a part of on Facebook. Most responses were good, but there was one that was terrible. This mom suggested that I wait to sleep train until my child fully understood object permanence.

For those who do not know what object permanence is. let me explain. Object permanence is the understanding that when things “disappear” they are not actually gone. For example, if I put a blanket in front of my face, you and I know that I am still there. I am just behind the blanket. A baby believes that I have disappeared altogether.

I minored in child development in college. So, I am very familiar with the concept of object permanence. I also know that a child may not fully understand this concept until they are 2 years old. There was no way I was waiting until my son was 2 to begin sleep training!

Modified Cry-It-Out

Another mom explained that she used a modified cry-it-out technique for sleep training. This sounded interesting to me. So, I asked for more information. She explained that she allowed her child to cry for up to 15 minutes. If her child was still upset at the 15-minute mark, she soothed him for about 5 minutes and put him back down. This pattern repeated until her child fell asleep.

As a new mom with a 2-month-old, the idea of letting him cry for 15 minutes sounded terrible to me. So, I modified her sleep training method. At first, I only implemented my method at nap time. I started by letting my son cry for up to 5 minutes each time I put him down for a nap. After about a week, I started to see results. My husband was a bit more hesitant about letting our son cry himself to sleep. So, bedtime cry-it-out did not start right at the beginning. For naps, I did not have to go in to soothe him as often. So, I began to let him cry for up to 10 minutes if he was crying. It worked! My son began to take naps very easily.

Now, we needed to tackle bedtime. My husband and I sat down and discussed the importance of our son being able to put himself to sleep. Now that my husband was on board, we started to tackle bedtime. We fed him right before bed, made sure he had a clean diaper, and we swaddled him. All of his needs were met. So, we put him into bed, turned out the lights, and left the room. It did not take long at all for our sweet little boy to learn to fall asleep and stay asleep.

This Doesn’t Mean Your Child Will Never Wake Up In The Night

Babies are still learning. So, while there are many nights that our son will not wake up until 6 am or later, there are still nights that he will wake up once during the night. That is okay! Babies are growing and learning all the time. As a mom, it would be crazy for me to expect my son to do what I want when I want him to at his age. Give your kiddos a break, and give yourself a break. If your child struggles with sleeping sometimes, it does not mean you are a bad parent or have done a bad job. You are doing a good job!

Every Child is Different

I know there will be moms out there who try this and get frustrated because it doesn’t work. That is because every baby is different. This is what has worked for us. This has worked for some of my friends too, but I cannot promise that it will work for everyone. Try it! If it doesn’t work, try something else. Parenting is like a big game of guess and check. We try something to see if it works, and if it doesn’t, we try something different.

Share With Me

I want to know what has worked for you. Comment down below. Did you sleep train? What method did you use? Was it different for each child?

I love to hear the experiences of other moms. We can always learn and grow from the experience of others.

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  1. Great post! 💕 I have a 3 year old daughter and my son is 9 months. My daughter was the best sleeper and she still is. She slept throughout the night with no problem. My son was quite the hungry one so he was up ALOT! When his hunger slowed down a little as he got older (2 months) I began keeping him more awake in the day and little by little he slept longer through the night. He’s 9 months old and sleeps all night until about 7:30 AM.


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