My Favorite Memory Keeping Ideas

Easy ways to keep your memories safe

Growing up, I loved all things crafty. I loved to scrapbook, and I even liked to paint (I am not good at it at all). Unfortunately, as a mom, I don’t have as much time or money. So, I have had to get creative in how I do my memory keeping. I want to share with you a couple of my favorite ways to keep our family memories.

Family Videos

I have no home videos from when I was little. This is so sad to me. I sit and watch my husband’s home videos and think to myself, “I wish I had some of those. It is so fun to look back at when he was little.” Luckily, my husband and I knew each other in middle school. So, I did make it into at least one of his home videos.

I want my kids to have videos to look back on. So, we decided to make family vlogs and post them on YouTube.

This is our first video. We had so much fun recording and editing this video. It is fun to see an 8-minute recap of the week. I know I will love going back and seeing our son in the different stages of his life. I look forward to all of the memories that we will capture.

I also love the idea of being able to easily share these things with family and friends. We live far from our parents, and we don’t want them to feel like they are missing out on seeing their grandchildren grow up. This is a great way to share highlights with them.


Ok, so I love scrapbooking, but I do not have the time or the money to invest in making a beautiful scrapbook. Luckily, I found the perfect solution in an app. It is called the Project Life app. You can find it here for Android, and here for iPhone.

Project Life App

This app is created by Becky Higgins. She also created the Project Life scrapbook system. This system is made up of different decorative journaling cards. The app is much the same. pl_20180928T102422

How cute is this?! I love how easy it is to make these pages. I have over 50 pages made for our son’s baby book already! I would not have nearly as much done if I was doing traditional scrapbooking.

When a book is done, you can get it made into a photo book right from the app. It makes memory keeping so simple. I love it!

How do you do memory keeping?

Guys, I want to know. What do you do to keep your memories? I want to hear your ideas and see your creations.

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