A 10-Day Social Media Fast

As you may know, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As members of the church, we have a general conference 2 times a year (April and October). During this conference, the prophet, apostles, and other church leaders give 10 – 15-minute talks on different subjects. It is such a wonderful chance to be uplifted and receive guidance about things that people struggle with today.

During this general conference, we also had a women’s meeting. This meeting was specifically for women in the church age 8 and older. The church leaders gave us specific counsel to help us through our daily lives and help build us up spiritually. There were many wonderful talks given during this meeting, but the one that was the most powerful for me was the talk given by the prophet, President Russell M. Nelson. In his talk, he challenged women to partake in a 10-day social media fast.

President Nelson is a father to 9 daughters and 1 son. As such, he has a special place in his heart for the women of the church. He sees the faith that women have and the influence women have on the world around them.

In his address, he spoke about the gift that women have to share the love of Christ. He said of women, ” You have the capacity to sense what someone needs, and when they need it.” We, as women, have a special ability to reach out to those in need and make them feel loved. Because we have this gift, we also have a responsibility to stay close to the Lord. When we are close to the Lord, we can feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost guiding us to help those in need. This is where the social media fast comes in.


With all of the noise in the world, it can be hard to hear or feel the Holy Ghost. We often forget to turn off the noise and get used to the constant chatter in our heads. Social media is a wonderful tool when used correctly, but it has negatives too. As a woman, I am prone to comparing myself to other, online and in person. The problem is, online versions of people are very limited views into their lives. What we post online is often calculated to make us look as good as possible. How often do we post pictures of our messy house and unkempt hair? My hair is usually somewhat crazy. So, I may post those pictures more often than others. The point is, I compare my everyday life to people’s Instagram highlights.

The negativity and extra noise make it hard, if not impossible, to hear or feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost. This social media fast will allow me to recenter myself, and quiet the noise coming from the world. As I do this, I hope to become better at recognizing the Holy Ghost and following the promptings I receive.

After this social media fast, I hope to spend less time on social media, and more time enjoying the great things that I have in my life. I am so lucky to have my sweet little family, and I have noticed lately that I can become distracted by social media instead of engaging with the people I love. There is more to life than likes and comments. If people don’t like who I am, I do not need those people in my life anyway.

I look forward to reporting how this social media fast goes and what I learn. I think it will be really interesting!

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